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A New Journey---The trial operation of the new hospital of ZUCH in the Binjiang District

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The Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine hosted an open house for its trial operation of the new children’s hospital in the Binjiang District on Saturday, December 27, 2014. Starting from this day, outpatient clinics and inpatient units will move into the new hospital gradually.
The new hospital is comprised of four buildings with a capacity of 1250 beds, including a five-storey outpatient building covering outpatient services, emergencies, and central laboratory; a 21-storey inpatient building containing internal, and surgical units, operating rooms, and ICUs; a four-storey isolation building with the center for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, and a 12-storey administration building with apartments for doctors on-call rooms and guest house for visiting scholars. The optimal environment and most advanced equipment will give ZUCH a better opportunity to start a new journey, to treat patients using the latest in medicine and most first-class facilities.
History is that makes our work in Binjiang’s new children’s hospital possible. ZUCH was formerly called Zhejiang Provincial Maternal and Children’s hospital and was built in 1951 with only 100 beds. The first president was Dr. Li Yuhua, a well-known pediatrician in China. Since then, the children’s hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine evolved from a small, one hundred-bed healthcare facility to the largest comprehensive center for pediatric medical care in all of ZhejiangProvince. Across more than sixty years, the pediatrics has developed from obscurity to national prominence, and it has been recognized as a national key subject by the Ministry of Education. We are proud of the achievements resulting from the hard work and sacrifices made by several generations of healthcare providers at ZUCH. However, annual visits of 1.9 million outpatients and 45,000 inpatients not only from Zhejiang Province, but also from the surrounding provinces and cities make the old campus located in Zhugan Lane unbelievably crowded, which is why it was called Lane Hospital by the public. Extremely limited space also restricted further development of hospital. The old campus has become too small for the rapidly growing needs for clinical services.
In response to the increasing demand for patient care and development, with the support of government, our hospital broke ground at the Binjiang District 10 kilometers away from the old campus on January 14, 2008 with 130,500 square meters. After six years of construction, ultimately, our efforts became a reality. The opening of the new modern children’s hospital near QiantangRiver is only a starting point. This allows us to initiate a new journey, to depict a new blueprint, and to weave a new dream. The new hospital will allow us to provide more humanistic clinical services to ensure the highest quality of life for our sick children.
“It is not only the hospital and its employees, but the patients and their families will derive many benefits from the new children’s hospital,” said President Du Lizhong, “the combination of exceptional medical staff and innovative technologies in this spacious environment will optimize patient care.”

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