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Changing the Outcome--My Learning Experience in CCHMC

By Dr. Zhou Xuelian from Endocrinology Department: 




Time flies, this is the second week since I came to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), which located in the central of American, Ohio. CCHMC is the Top 3 medical center in American, the advanced medical team, powerful hardware and software, perfect management philosophy and the rich medical resources online impressed me a lot.

The culture of CCHMC is very characteristic and attaches great importance to humanistic care. They aim to change the outcome of the patient. I love the slogan in the elevator and will be deeply moved every time when I pass it, which is care drives us, science moves us, collaboration empowers us, discovery inspires us, we are touched by humanity and propelled by compassion, this isn’t our job, it’s our calling, and we answer it every day, for every family, for every child and every future, we are Cincinnati, changing the outcome together. For the inpatients, each child has a separated room and provides a sofa bed for parents to rest, a rocking chair is prepared for child to have fun. Every ward has a children’s activity room which are full with various toys, books and entertainment facilities. A card is hanged in the door of each word to tell care providers about the patient’s isolation and protection ways, such as a common protection, respiratory isolation, protective isolation and so on. The mask, gloves, isolation gown, disinfectant and disinfecting wipes can be found in every corner of the ward and they are free to anyone including the patients and their family members. During the morning ward round, a big group including doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses and other staff together with the child and parents to discuss the progress of the disease and treatment plans. Each staff will introduce themselves in the beginning of the round, ask for children’s permission before the physical examination, and express gratitude for their cooperation when finishing the round. Parents are allowed to company sick kids in the process of various operations, such as PICC catheterization.
Addition to the hospital culture, they are also very professional in clinic and research. The Endocrinology department of CCHMC is one of the only two islet cell transplantation center in American, and I’m so lucky to have a chance to learn here for six weeks. During the first two weeks, I spent most of my times on the in-patient department. They serve on all kinds of endocrine diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, disorders of sexual development (DSD), growth problem, metabolic bone disease and so on. However the management of all kinds of diabetes accounts for most of the daily work, especially the blood sugar control of chronic pancreatitis after the surgery of total pancreatectomy -islet cell transplantation (PT-IAT), cystic fibrosis related diabetes and hormone induced diabetes.
The multidisciplinary comprehensive management of DSD patients in out-patient department deserves our reference. The DSD consultation holds monthly, each patient takes about half an hour to one hour. At the beginning of the consultation, a big group consists of pediatric endocrinologist, urologist, gynecologist, geneticist, researchers and nurses sitting down together to discuss the information and treatment plans for every patient, and then they will meet the patient respectively, explain the pathogenesis and treatment of the disease from various aspects and answer any questions of the family members have.
Although it’s a short time in CCHMC, it would be a treasure in my life. Thanks to our hospital for providing me with this valuable opportunity to CCHMC and thanks to all the friends who helped me. 

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