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 By Astrid Montuclard
from International Student Union Volunteer Department of
Everything started late November when I was invited to organize a loving and happy event for the sick children as Christmas and the year of 2017are approaching. I had just started volunteering at ZUCH once a week and had seen the kids there; being at the hospital was not fun for them. I discussed the activity with Karyna, the International Student Union’s Volunteer Coordinator.
The Hospital only allowed ten students to go at a time because of infection control; but many more students wanted to go, which was a disappointment for many of us. Far from discouraged, we still thought out a plan for Friday, December 23rd. Before the event, we have received many gifts, we gathered presents and money donations for a worth of largely over a thousand RMB, and the donators were from Zijingang campus, Xixi campus, and Huajiachi campus.
On the 23rd, ten volunteers took the bus for an hour and reached the Hospital at about 2pm. After completing paperwork of volunteer registration, we were brought to orthopedics department, nephrology department and internal medicine department to have interaction with sick kids. All the kids were very excited when they saw that we came to play with them and give them presents; they happily screamed.
In the beds, the children’s faces betrayed that they were in obvious pain; most of them had had operations. Some of the little ones were crying. When the distribution of gifts started, the sad children started cheering up. “The parents were happy and so thankful when seeing the smiles on their children's faces,” said Tanaka, one of our volunteers. “There was one kid who was really crying and she didn’t want anything. Her mom was so worried about her at first; the child rejected all the toys but later she accepted this headband with reindeer fake horns and she became so happy.” Diana added: “It was wonderful to see the children's smiles and make them happy. The nurse staff of hospital also enthusiastically helped us to distribute the gifts.
After the gift distribution, our volunteers got some rest and ate our dinner at the hospital’s cafeteria. Finally, they took the empty gift bags home, happy and thankful for the afternoon.
Yasaman summarized her own experience: “I will definitely go there again. If I have a chance, I will go there every month. Seeing the children’s faces smiling was the best thing. I think everyone would be interested, not only medical students. We were even happier than the children. The great feeling after finishing our jobs gave me so much energy that I was proud of what I did.” Tanaka added: “The hospitality we received from the hospital staff was really good they were so friendly, happy and willing to help us with everything. The whole experience was one of the best this year for me.” The loving event was, from beginning to end, a delight for everyone. On the behalf of the International Student Union, I would like to express our immense gratitude to hospital volunteers and nurses, as well as all the donators and volunteers from ZhejiangUniversity.

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