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My Learning Experience at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital

 By Dr. ZHAN Canyang (Neonatology Department)

I am lucky having an opportunity to study at Shizouka Children’s Hospital from October 26 to December 21, 2016. This is my first time to Japan. Thank our hospital for supporting me to advance my clinical skills in Japan. My first visit to Japan was great and two-month learning in Shizuoka was unforgettable and meaningful. I am happy to share my learning experience in Japan here.
First, I’d like to express my thanks for the guidance and help from the Shizuoka Children’s Hospital. The dormitory they provide is well decorated with electric appliances, such as rice cooker, washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator. Although the hospital is a little far away from the center of the city, they prepared the bicycles for us. All of these made our life in Shizuoka very convenient. Shizuoka Children’s Hospital is a tertiary hospital where only complication and sever cases are treated and more than 80% pediatric patients are referred.
Second, I have learned a lot from the doctors of Shizuoka Children’s Hospital, including the management of the extremely premature neonates, application of echography at bedside, the strict prevention of hospital infection at NICU, and so on. I enjoyed the time I shared with Shizuoka NICU team. The dedication of hospital employees and highly efficient management of hospital impressed me greatly. Three sentences said by NICU Chief, Dr. Nakano(中野玲二)have given me inspiration in my career.
One is that if you want to be a good doctor, keep learning, please. Learning is very important for doctors, especially for young doctors. Learning makes you different day by day and year by year. Another one is that if you want to be a good neonatologist, please be close to the neonates. It is critical to keep close enough to the baby to know any slight changes of the baby and then manage it gently. The third one is that if you want to have an excellent team member, discussion and debates with peers are very important to your professional growth. Moderate conflicts can promote the progress of the medicine. So at NICU, lectures, “Journal Club” or discussions about one topic are organized every day.
Last but not least, as same as Hangzhou, Shizuoka is a beautiful city with rich culture. There is a famous lake---West Lake in Hangzhou, while a famous mountain---Fuji Mountain in Shizuoka. On weekends, we could go to explore beauties of Shizuoka.
In a word, I enjoyed the life and work in Shizuoka. The Japanese friends are also very interested in my city and hospital. Both of us hope we can have more chances to do academic and cultural exchange in the future.

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