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By Dr. Marty Clayman
A pediatric anesthesiologist from Valley Children's Hospital
My name is Dr. Marty Clayman, I am a pediatric anesthesiologist from Fresno, CaliforniaUSA. I work at Valley Children's Hospital in Madera, California. This is my fourth time to be a visiting Professor at Zhejiang University Children's Hospital in the last 2 years. I was impressed from the very first time I came to the hospital. The medical care the children receive here is wonderful.
 It is the same care as my patients receive in the United States. I have been here for a total of almost 3 months in the operating rooms over these past two years. Dr. Hu Zhiyong has put together a great staff. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable and excellent teachers. I find the residents, smart, hard working and eager to learn. Everyone is also generous, kind and eager to help. One of the most important and interesting things about anesthesiology is that there many ways to approach any anesthetic case, and although many times everyone will have the same approach to a anesthetic, other times the management may be completely different but equal in effectiveness and safety. This makes coming to ZUCH a real pleasure. I get to learn new techniques from everyone here as well as to teach some of my techniques.
 Although I have visited the old hospital several years ago, I have only had the pleasure and honor to work at the new campus. The hospital and clinics are first rate. The anesthesia machines, monitors, and the other ancillary anesthesia equipment we use here at ZUCH is just like home. It is really nice to have all the same tools that I have at my own hospital. It makes things very comfortable. The computerized record keeping system is state of the art. I have been able to bring some anesthesia techniques back to my hospital and have been able to incorporate them in my practice. All of the surgeons I have had the pleasure to work with have been as good as anyone I work with. I have seen some surgical techniques that my surgeons would be very interested in learning. 
I wish to mention all of the other staff in the operating rooms, because they have always been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Which is essential when visiting as a stranger.
I also want to mention the administration and leadership of ZUCH, who have made all of these visits possible.


It has been a pleasure and honor to come to Zhejiang University Children's Hospital to both teach as well as learn from my Chinese colleagues and friends. I hope I will be able to return again soon

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